Cellulite on Legs

Are you one of many Americans affected by a cosmetic condition known as Cellulite? Cellulite is a dimpled or lumpy impression often found on the hips, thighs, arms, stomach and legs. Cellulite is generated when fat deposits are pushed against skin tissue. This can create an unsightly appearance on the skin.

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Arm Cellulite

Thigh and arm cellulite can form on both men and women and may be more noticeable on people with light skin. Whether you have dark skin or light skin your cellulite can still make you uncomfortable so you want to find a way to help reduce its appearance. When you start to look for information on how to smooth and lighten your cellulite you may suddenly find that there are a lot of different products available.

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Cellulite 101: The Basics of Cellulite

The unfortunate fact about cellulite is that a significant amount of women have some degree of cellulite; nearly 80% of all women! Although, that fact is somewhat comforting because it means we are not freaks.


Diets to Help with Cellulite Build Up

In order to limit your chances of developing cellulite, you should maintain a healthy diet. Men and women who eat poorly on a regular day-to-day bases and drink sugary beverages are at a high risk of becoming affected by cellulite.


Where Can Cellulite Form

Did you know that men can get cellulite? It is much more common in women, but men do get cellulite. Cellulite in the male body is so rare because the skin structure and thickness is different in men than in women.