How to Manage Burn Scars

Millions of people receive burn injuries. Nearly all burns will cause burn scars and trauma to the skin. Continue reading for helpful hints about how to manage burn scars.

Factors to consider when managing a burn scar are: the location of the scar, the size/depth of the scar, and the severity of the scar. Burn scarring can come in several forms. The most common burn scar is called a Contracture scar. Contracturing of the skin tightens the skin. If deep enough this will limit mobility and even effect muscles and nerves. A hypertrophic scar can form months after the injury is healed. The scarred area will not extend beyond the original trauma. It can result in raised skin that is somewhat uncomfortable or restricting. In both examples listed above the skin can be discolored, itchy, and swollen. For additional information about burn scars and other types of scars go to

Many people mistakenly think that the only solution is scar removal. Scar removal can be one option, but sometimes a surgical procedure can cause the opposite of what the patient intends or hopes for. The skin may not be ready for surgical removal. Or quite often, the patient can be left with a new scar that replaces the original scar.  Scar removal is something that should be discussed with your doctor and/or dermatologists.

Many people use a scar cream to manage their burn scar. These topical creams and gels can also be used on other types of common scars. You may find useful facts at
Another option is Injections. By filling the burned area with steroid fillers you are improving the collagen. This should only be performed by a licensed professional or burn treatment specialist.

Remember, that burn scars can take a very long time to repair. Some scars cannot be altered or improved in anyway, but the body’s natural healing process of generating new skin can sometimes be assisted due to following through with the suggestions above. Whichever technique you use to manage burn scars, the goal should be to first heal the skin in the right way so that you can have healthy skin later!