Stretch Mark Treatment

Every year people are on the search for the best stretch mark treatment options that are newly available, as so many in the past have been huge disappointments for most. There are an abundance of stretch mark options that lay claim to being the most popular and effective stretch mark treatment choice, but so many fraudulent ones have made the industry as a whole look bad.

Embarrassing stretch marks can be dealt with using a surgical or doctor recommended stretch mark treatment, click here to see other medical procedures that may work. Most plastic surgeons and dermatologists feel that laser stretch mark treatment is the way to go in visibly reducing the look of stretch marks to the point of where they are barely noticeable. KTP laser therapy is for the newer stretch marks that have recently formed and are still casting a red or purple hue. This stretch mark treatment targets the impaired blood vessels, leaving surrounding skin alone without harm. Older stretch marks that have already faded to white or silver hues might warrant a stretch mark treatment using CO2 laser therapy, which is used to try boosting collagen in the areas that need repair.

A surgical stretch mark treatment is fine and dandy when you are done having kids, and have the time, money, and high threshold for pain to tolerate it. Pregnant women, however, can’t be pointing lasers of any kind at their abdomen, yet they can still use some stretch mark products to start the healing process months before the child is born and while breastfeeding. There are a fair amount of stretch mark products that are safe to use during gestation and nursing phases of pregnancy, but you must check the packaging for finite details. If it’s not obvious the stretch mark products are safe for maternity times, either check with your physician or find one of the other stretch mark products that are deemed secure for use.

Whether you are pregnant or were, it’s never too late or too early to start addressing your stretch marks. Whether you use a medical stretch mark treatment provided by your doctor, or one of the popular stretch mark products at home, be sure to put in some research time on the Internet at sites like to be sure of what you are getting and what the real costs are going to be.